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Programs : Featured
This is a listing of UIC Faculty-led programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
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Cultures and Histories in San Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico [UIC]
San Cristobal, Mexico

Terms: Summer
Description: Cultures & Histories  in San Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico June 24 - July 19, 2018   Deadline: March 16, 2018 Download application materials    Program Description This program, sponsored by the Latin Ame rican[...]
Families as They Really Are: Dutch/American comparison
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Terms: Summer
Description: Families As They Really Are: Dutch/American Comparison  June 6 - July 21, 2018  Program Description This program, co-sponsored by the Department of Sociology and Honors College, will give students an opportunity to explore the them es[...]
Italian Culture and the Arts in Siena [UIC]
Siena, Italy

Terms: Summer
Description: Italian Culture and the Arts in Siena, Italy Program dates: June 14 - July 21, 2018  Deadline: March 16, 2018     Read an increadible story of finding a lost family while in Siena View students' video s[...]
Movement, Mood and the Mediterranean Diet [UIC]
Barcelona, Spain

Terms: Summer
Description: Movement, Mood and the Mediterranean Diet  May 2018 (Chicago)  June - July 2018 (Barcelona) Rolling admission Final Deadline to apply: March 16, 2018       Program Description  This [...]
Reimagining Poland: History and Culture in the 20th Century [UIC]
Krakow, Poland

Terms: Summer
Description: Reimagining Poland:  History and Culture in the 20th Century  Krakow, Poland: June - July, 2018 Application deadline is March 16th, 2018    Program description: Taking advantage of the location of Jagi ellonian[...]
Social Services Internships [UIC]
Paris, France

Terms: Summer
Description: Social Services Internships    June - July 2018 Final deadline to apply: March 16, 2018 [The program has rolling admissions. Space is limited.]    Program Description This program will give students an opportunity [...]